Finding Opportunities
Creating a Vision
Driving Execution

Why Invest With TriCap?

Executed properly, the multifamily housing market constitutes an
exceptional risk-adjusted investment opportunity.

Significant Market

A severe affordable housing shortage is creating significant supply and demand imbalances across the US. The opportunity will be met with high-quality, market-rate affordable apartments owned and operated by Tricap.

  • Increasing demand for market-rate affordable housing
  • Substantial supply constraints due to cost of construction and development
  • Rising cost of home ownership and desire for flexibility fuels future rental housing demand

Demand for apartments is expected to grow substantially by 2030.

Source: Hoyt Advisory Services; NMHC/NAA; U.S. Census Bureau; RealPage.

Proven Investment

  • Profitable exit of 15+ investment opportunities.
  • Demonstrated long-term value creating.
  • Historically consistent investment returns and tax efficient investment structures.


  • Targeted marketing and leasing.
  • Best-in-class resident service and satisfaction.
  • Efficient renovation operations resulting in on-time and on-budget projects.
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- - Albert Einstein