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& love where you work

Tricap Culture

Doing what you love, with people you like and respect, make a difference in the world, be appropriately compensated, with time for other passions.

Culture of Empowerment

Core Values


Trust first

It's transforming and goes both ways. It's simply given.


Be an honest, humble professional

Do the right thing, always. Nobody is bigger than the team.


Take ownership

Be accountable. Take pride in your work. Take the initiative to solve problems.


Exceed expectations

Be resourceful. Constantly seek ways to improve. Go above and beyond.

Core Values

Why Work for Us

In-Depth Training

You bring a great attitude, we bring the rest.

Award Winning

We prove hard work pays off.

Passionate People

It’s all about the team!

Leaders at Every Level

Where will you lead our company?

Dedication to Our Craft

Delivering great service is our obsession.

Professional Expertise

Do one thing and do it really well.

Passion Projects

What are your passions?


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Happy #nationalcatday to our purrrrfect little residents! #tricappassions ...

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Our leadership team riding high after days of planning and plotting our brilliant plans for 2021. They quarantined to get ready for this, so they deserved a little swag. #tricappassions #puremichigan ...

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Our incredible employees just recently received their swag 📦 filled with great goodies to #bragswag #respresent ...

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We are thrilled to now be in Kalamazoo! The team had the best time getting to know our new teammates. And there was lots of training...and more training. #tricappassions #tricaplife ...

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Great time volunteering on Giving Tuesday with our Indiana Leasing Staff! Thanks for all you do, #foodbankofnwi #tricappassions #tricapcares ...

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What are you up to this weekend? I think we all know where Joe and his son will be again! #tricappassions #tricaplife ...

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